One Dead Three Wounded - Paint The Town (1x1 Music) - Back
One Dead Three Wounded’s “Paint The Town” has now been re-released! This is the first full-length album from the New Jersey metalcore band. They use good balance between metal and hardcore throughout the album. Everything in their repertoire is used for the positive to put this one together. Heavy hardcore breakdowns, metallic melodies, groove-driven metal riffs, and furious hardcore vocal screams all will keep you on edge. One Dead Three Wounded may also remind you of Lamb of God, Brand New Sin, Neurosis, and God Forbid. They have a Swedish metallic edge and a southern metal tone that will generally keep the metallic-hardcore riffs vibrant in the tunes. Having influences that include Down, At The Gates, Turmoil, American Nightmare, and Cave-In, all of that should make sense! This re-release includes two new bonus tracks at the end of this disc for a total of twelve tracks and thirty-six minutes. Track 1, “Failed Transmission” is an intro that leads into the disc. “Regret” and “Ghosts” proved to be choice-cuts for me, while the rest of the album is respectable. “Welcome Home Tragedy” is a melodic instrumental that shows the dynamics of the band. The CD sits in a, well layed-out, unique cardboard sleeve, stencil, slipcase. On back of which it is gives instructions to select a surface, hold stencil flat against surface, spray paint this side, then send photos of it to them, so you can quite literally help “Paint The Town” with One Dead Three Wounded. If you dabble in metalcore, “Paint The Town” is for you!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins