One Master - Demo 2004(Independent) - Back
Blast beats and speed driven riffs are what empower One Master on their demo. While I was listening to these 5 songs almost 27 minutes, various bands came to mind including Darkthrone, Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Emperor, Ulver, and Dissection. Besides a few parts, they write decent black metal. It’s raw old school black metal, not too raw, a perfect hybrid of raw and modern black metal. Sounds like there are some death metal influences too. The first two tracks appear to be the most well written songs. It’s like they hurried a little with the last few songs. I know this a demo that was recorded on an 8-track, so production isn’t a big thing. But, if this was cleaned up, this could be pretty good. The keys are almost non-existent. Also, when they layer the music with acoustic guitars they might need to incorporate more elements; they seem dry compared to electric riffs. If you like fast, relentless, raw black metal, you should like One Master.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins