One Master - Forsaking A Dead World (Independent) - Back
Four metal heads that lived in three different northeast U.S cities created the opus “Forsaking A Dead World.” That should show you One Master’s dedication to their art. A vital element heard throughout the disc is the scornful eerie melodies. Black metal fans should know what I mean. Crude, old school black metal, that’s without keys. You may say they are some sort of Darkthrone, Mayhem, Ulver, and Satyricon concoction. A few slower parts could use a little more energy, but generally they can whip them into a pretty good black metal groove. I have no problems with that. The disc has an unpolished blackened resonance but not so bad that you can’t hear what they are playing. “Forsaking A Dead World” has six tracks and a little over 36 minutes. All the tracks have their admirable parts, but a few tracks “Chill of the Grave,” “Unholy Grimness,” and “The Test” seemed more to my liking. Nothing groundbreaking on this disc, but if you are into that classic black metal sound, then this should be to your liking.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins