One Step Beyond - Life Imitates Art (Independent) - Back
A lot can be said about One Step Beyonds' current sound. "Life Imitates Art" introduces a plethora of musical genres. While maintaining a metal-based formula, this band also compiles punk to fusion, grind to death, and even a bit of jazz funk. This is also only the debut release for this Australian trio, so this is a very unique and well-sought out result knowing such. I'm really at a stand-still for reviewing this because I'm still not sure what the hell to make of it other than if you're an A.C. or Macabre fan, you'll most certainly find this quite good. However if you're more of a black or death metal fan, this album may be quite humorous and odd. In other words, the track "Greed" may appeal right away while the track "Infinite Illusion" may take some time (aka grind/funk). Not exactly my cup-o tea basically because of the confused sound, but they're young and I would imagine they'll get better. These guys are currently unsigned and searching for a worthy label, which probably would refer to a label with patience for their style. I can see One Step Beyond making a great deal of buzz someday but in the meantime, sit back and let your own ears decide."

Rating: 68

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell