On The Outside - Demo (Lost Glory Records) - Back
On The Outside has just released their demo on Lost Glory Records. Aggressive hardcore riffing is crammed into this disc, some of it really shreds. This CD is fast paced and up-tempo for its full duration. Catchy metallic riffs also encompass this demo. With five tracks and just about eight minutes, the songs are Short and to the point. Though I do wish this was a little longer. The riffing reminds me of bands anywhere from Pro-pain, to Hatebreed to Suicidal Tendencies. This is quite good for a demo. The best track in my opinion is the same track that is also the longest, “No Place To Call Home.” Just about everything else is at least decent as well. If this demo had a longer length to get into their songs, I could really dig this. Hardcore fans turn this one up!

Rating: 76