Opaque - Resolve (Root of all Evil) - Back
Influenced by bands like Pro-Pain and Meshuggah, the band Opaque has a sound that is a mix of hardcore and death metal for a sound of deathcore, but their own style. "Resolve" is the bands second release on Root of all Evil Records, their first was a four way split CD called "4-Way Blockade." Opaque based their songs on the declination of society and explored all questionable aspects of human nature. This exploration is how the band got their name, Opaque. There are eleven tracks on this heavy pounding metal album, with over forty-five minutes of crushing power. The only thing that I didn't like about this album is that some of the songs were clearly produced and recorded in different ways. This slowed the flow of the album a little, but not enough to take over the heaviness that some riffs had. My favorite tracks include "Caged," "Cut Throat," "Delt Fraud," and "Transformation." Other songs on this album had some good parts but at times it seemed that the weaker parts dulled down the songs. "Resolve" is a pretty decent album overall, if they could keep the production consistency up and ad some more catchy riffs they could have an extremely good album.

Rating: 77