Opeth - Blackwater Park (Koch Records) - Back
Can Opeth ever do wrong? I think it is impossible for this band to compose music that isn't great. Opeth has once again outdone themselves. There is not a bad song on this album, not like they have ever written a bad song, but hey, why start now? "Blackwater Park" picks up where they last album "Still Life," left off. This opus has eight songs to expand their already outstanding repertoire of songs. For the fans of the first two albums there are a few songs that last over ten minutes, and in it's entirety, "Blackwater Park" last for over one hour and seven minutes. Definitely impressive song lengths and maybe even more impressive musicianship. Here are a few of my favorite songs on this CD: the first track "The Leper Affinity," an all acoustic song "Harvest," just a kick ass song "The Drapery Falls," and the title track "Blackwater Park." The other tracks on this CD are just about equally as good, so that should tell you something about this band; you need to seriously take some time and check out Opeth! Once again, look for Opeth to be on many peoples top ten albums of the year. There is no stopping this unbelievable band.

Rating: 96