Opeth - Ghost Reveries (Roadrunner Records) - Back
Alright... (pause), since there isn't really anything insanely critical to send to this magnifiscent Swedish quartet, perhaps I should just compare this album to their other ones? Hmmm.... Opeth's 8th opus, “Ghost Reveries,” is a much different gem than their previous 7. Perhaps it is the fact that they are now signed with Roadrunner or just simply the fact that they have such well-rounded musical tenure that it's sick. One of the first things that Jeff and I noticed about this album is that the production is super-polished. There are a few directions you can go with this. One would be to criticize the fact that it's over-polished and doesn't sound that natural. Another would be to point out that this is Opeth, so who cares? Well, how 'bout the fact that a lot more is crystal clear than in the past and why would you not want Opeth to be crystal clear? Whatever the case may be for “Ghost Reveries,” it is a cross between their last two albums in my eyes. Some references to “Orchid” are evident as well. I love the vocal harmonies on "Ghost of Perdition," as I can hear it in my head all day and hymn myself to sleep with it. This track leads directly into "The Baying of the Hounds" perfectly, which in turn has a nice vocal harmony leading into some of the most gruesome growls I've ever heard by Mike. I won't go into this track-by-track, but there are loads of pleasant surprises that I would rather not spoil. My favorite track is "Harlequin Forest!" This one has one of the most memorable (Orchid-like) guitar medleys I've ever heard on this Earth! About halfway through the song, incase you're interested. Simply amazing! That would be the one itsy-bitsy thing about Opeth, I'd like to hear more beautiful doom-laden guitar medleys like on their first 2 albums. Lastly, I'd like to comment on the fact that this "concept" album isn't at all like the "My Arms, Your Hearse" one and shouldn't be expected as such. However, “Ghost Reveries” is awesome!! It will become more and more memorable the more you hear it. Like all of their other albums, this one to me shines as one of the brightest in their illustrious careers thus far....

Rating: 96

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell