Oratory - Last Prophecy (Recital Records) - Back
Imagine if Stratovarius and Theatre Of Tragedy got together and made some music together. Basically the sound of a progressive, power metal type band with a touch of gothic, or as they have been classified before as "neo classic melodic power metal. Oratory is a perfect example of this. The band is from Portugal and was started back in 1994. The CD is a Maxi-Single, but the music stretches nearly into the twenty minute range. I was very impressed with the technical ability of this band. All the songs are worth listening to on this CD; all well written. I hope to see more from this band soon, they definitely have a future ahead of them. Look for a full-length album to come out during the year. They have been doing a few concerts in their area over in Europe. If somehow they ever get over to the United States I will definitely be there!!

Rating: 92