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Anybody into Origin already knows these guys have some of the craziest drugs known to man. The drugs are "speed", with 9 various types therein "Echoes of Decimation". Holy crap, this shit is faster than anything previous! If "Reciprocal" doesn't convince you, then "Amoeba" sure as shit will! Overall though, this US quintet have amassed another monster of a recording. Inevitably technical & brutal with loads of speed and uncompromising song structures, the meaning of a band with balls is an understatement here. I'm not kidding! "Echoes of Decimation" has everything a death metal fan could possibly want, save falling short in playing time (literally, only a bit over 26 minutes). A shorter output than even Deicides' first release. That is my only criticism. Other than that, you can probably suffice with constant brutality and speed! This one should appeal to all!!

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell