Overkill - Bloodletting (Metal-Is) - Back
Wow, its hard to believe that Overkill has been around long enough for their new album "Bloodletting," to be their eleventh release. The band still has some of their classic eighties metal edge roaming though this CD. Is this CD a great album? No, not really. But it is a decent effort for these metal musicians. I'm sure the big fans of Overkill will be all over the purchasing of this CD, because it is definitely true Overkill. The eighties thrash style of theirs is still aggressive as it ever was in some of these songs. These are the tracks that I appreciated the most and you probably will as well; "Bleed Me," "Let It Burn," "I, Hurricane," and "Blown Away." And my favorite song on this CD, and probably one of my favorite Overkill songs ever "Death Comes Out To Play." It is just a good song, plain and simple. There are quite a few good riffs throughout this album too. The middle of this album I think has the brunt of these riffs. Over fifty minutes of music are on Overkill's latest CD, and there are ten tracks as well. After all the years Overkill has been around they can still rip it up, good job keeping it real, and not falling to any trends in all the years you've been making music.

Rating: 77