Overkill - RelixIV (Eagle Rock/Spitfire) - Back
It's always such a breath of fresh air to hear a new Wrecking Crew album. Incidentally, this is Overkill's 14th full-length recording in a span of just over 20 years! That's ok, though, you guys still have all the time in the world to catch a prog. rock band called RUSH (well if they keep going, you may have trouble) if you want to! Anyways, “RelixIV” is the title of their newest thrash-spitting experience. Every album seems to be a bit heavier than the last, but you can always hear the very same Overkill that attacked the metal scene so many years previous. As with “RelixIV”, there isn't really a lot of change... but why forsake something that doesn't need improvement? There are a few skews here and there, though. Some newer progressions lie in the hands of tracks like "Love" and "Bats in the Belfry", but also have some more classic moments as in "A Pound of Flesh" and the self-proclaimed "Old School". They have retained their technically choppy guitar and bass riffing, precision drumming and double kick (obviously), and of course (how could we forget?) the untouchable vocal style of the Blitzman! 10 tracks and about 50 minutes later, I still want to hear more Overkill!! It's a shame, but then there is so much music in their catalogue that I think we can all suffice for now. One of the forefathers of Thrash returns once again!!

Rating: 82

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell