Overmars - Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo (Candlelight) - Back
“Affliction, Endocrine...Vertigo “ is the latest CD from France’s Overmars. You can’t really classify the sound, but I’ll try to explain it. First off, they incorporate many elements. While listening, you must keep your mind open, especially with a band that has a sound like Overmars. Their music is diverse from the calm murmur of melodic riffs to a wall of chaotic sound. It’s a very experimental sound, a lot like Neurosis, almost a more extreme version. A Godflesh trait is showcased in the song “En Memoire Des Fables Qui Ont Survecu A Darwin.” It has a similar raw industrial sound. The melodic parts can be quite peaceful. “Destroy All Dreamers” comes in five parts and has a bittersweet melodic sound. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Bands like Anathema, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd and Empyrium come to mind. Now that’s diverse! I like the calm melodic parts just as much as the abrasive heavy parts. The tracks jump from element to element quite often, while being inventive and Jazzy. Other parts seem to be extended with slow minimalist parts. This was probably what they intended, so the other parts seem more extreme. But to me it just seemed like filler. However, it still has its moments. The last few things to mention are some lyrics are in French, some in English, with death vocals done ferociously, not exclusively. And a few off guitar notes, but one again this seemed planned. The main songs are generally a healthy length from five to thirteen minutes, with three over nine minutes. As mentioned previously, they take the Neurosis sound to a new extreme. If they could have continued these characteristics throughout the disc, they would have something great here. I guess I still don’t know what I think about this disc, but it’s not bad. This was a weird experience, and a different style, though this is a relatively good disc, you still may want to check out this disc out before you purchase.

Rating: 78