Oversun - Tragedy Of Time (Nostradamus Records) - Back
Could a band that is techno/industrial/metal interest an avid metal fan? If your talking about Oversun, then the answer is definitely, yes! This Russian band definitely has put something together that would get a true metal fan, industrial fan, and maybe even some techno fans grooving. Combine Nine Inch Nails, old Korn, Sepultura, Soulfly, Rammstein, Static X, Disturbed and a few others and you might get close to Oversun. If you add a touch of Slayer's aggression and heaviness, you almost hit the nail on the head, and with a cover of "Reign In Blood" you would only hope that Oversun would be influenced by the metal legends. There are quite a few good songs on this CD, and more then half of this CD is well worth your time. "Felo De Se," the title track "Tragedy Of Time," there cover "Reign In Blood," and a song that is kind of a remix of "Felo De Se," entitled ""Electro Felo De Se." Their cover of "Reign In Blood" is great because they use their music to not copy the song, but to make their own version of the song. Some songs that aren't the best on this CD, but are pretty good are "Worst Kind Of Vampire," "Something Better Then Me," and "What For Love." This CD is over forty-seven minutes long, and with 12 tracks on this CD you will keep entertained for a while. I suggest anyone that is interested in either metal, industrial or even techno to check this band out, you might find another band that you enjoy, and you won't be wasting your money on un-influence crap.

Rating: 81