Overthrone - One of the Missing (Independent) - Back
This "band of brothers" if you will, residing in Illinois, performs dark and technical black/death metal of sorts. Whence forth... the duo known as Overthrone is their unity. Although there are only 6 tracks on this demo, their music is very dynamic and the production is crystal clear. Their songs are fairly lengthy as well (1 is 4 minutes, the others are anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes), so 6 tracks sound more like 10. Certainly there is an old-school 80's metal influence in every verse, but there is also much in the way of early 90's melodic death style. Think early Dark Tranquillity and Nocturnus ground coffee!! Even some doom-laden elements are evident. It is pretty tough to have such a good sound with a bunch of guys, let alone just two. The Nickels' brothers have an entire lifetime of playing together, so I guess you could assume this wouldn't be too surprising. Flaws are evident but unless you are really listening for them, you will likely not notice them so much. Some acoustic parts or something of that nature would add alot of positives to Overthrones' musical visions. Hey for just a demo, though, this is excellent for whatever style it may portray. I hope someone signs these guys soon. I'd like to hear a full-length!

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell