Overthrone - Declarations of Secession (Independent) - Back
“Declarations of Secession” is Overthrone’s first studio album after a few demos, and it’s quite a surprise for a self-financed, debut disc. Maybe even more so than you would think at first. Two brothers, Toby and Nathan Nickels comprise the band. Toby does drums, vocals, and synths. Nathan plays all guitars. It’s hard to believe this band is only two people. Overthrone plays symphonic black metal with death and thrash components. Some riffs are akin to Dimmu Borgir, Dissection or Emperor. I like the melodic riffs quite a bit. The layered dynamics are good, with inspiring leads and some acoustic parts. Nice tempo changes from up-tempo to mid or even a few select unhurried measures. Vocals are pretty much what one would expect from this genre with black metal screams and growls and even a majestic, gothic vocal thrown as a variant. The atmospheric keys increase the quality of many parts and work well to create an aura for each track. The eight songs and over an hour of extreme gloom are quality through and through and with half the tracks over eight minutes (longest is the last track clocking in at 12:27) they are assured of turning some heads. The highlight of the disc is “Gods and Beast,” simply due to the way it’s written. You would have to hear it to understand why. Since the completion of “Declarations of Secession,” the brothers are planning to complete a lineup for stage performances. With tracks like the aforementioned, Overthrone will be a band to keep a blackened eye on or a bleeding ear listening for what’s next.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins