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Do you like your metal with a Folk, Pagan or Viking atmosphere? What about having a nice beer or glass of mead while you blast yourself with your favorite metal bands? Well if you answered yes to either of those questions then “Pagan Fire” was made specifically for metalheads like you!

A literal listing of whose whom of the Pagan arts are on this disc. Maybe not every band you can think of, but 16 of the top, that’s for sure! These include uncompromising bands from the early days like Bathory and Unleashed to the dominant bands of today like Finntroll, Korpiklaani and Ensiferum.

Now do I have your interest yet, or do I need to grab my sword and sacrifice you to the gods? No? All right, time to bring out the Vikingsverd! In addition to the 16 tracks on the CD there is a DVD with 9 music videos of other great songs, not on the CD. Bands include Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Einherjer along with many more. A lethal dose of sound and sight.

There is quite a range within the genres from the more extreme, to the more melodic, but all tracks on the CD and DVD are among the bands finest songs from those respected releases. Some of my choice cuts include Enslaved’s “Isa,” Primordial’s “Empire Falls,” Amon Amarth - “Victorious March,” Finntroll “Nedgang,” and Ensiferum “Deathbringer From The Sky.”

What else do I need to say? “Pagan Fire” is a compendium of some of the best Folk, Pagan and Viking tunes. If you are into those styles this CD should be a no-brainer for your next purchase, unless you already have these CDs that these tracks come from.

The music lasts for well over and hour, so pop this disc in your CD player, get a roaring fire going under the crimson moonlight, a nice slab of meat to cook upon the fire, and drink the night away in victory of your new purchase...


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins