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Aussie metallers Paindivision are no doubt going to set the world on fire when their debut self-titled album is released on August 25th, 2007. Paindivision who recently signed with Riot Entertainment features Ex- Candy Harlots front-man Jordan Howe and Ex-Dungeon guitarist Stuart Marshall, I never expected anything less then the killer tunes chosen to make this debut album one of the best Australian metal albums of the year!. The band can be compared to so many classic hard rock and metal groups from the past such as W.A.S.P, Motorhead, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Rose Tattoo and Ac/dc and yet they sound as fresh as anything that's currently heading the metal charts. In a time where metal music is getting more brutal, faster and heavier it's great to see Paindivision bring back the old-school metal sound with revamped energy and aggression. Looking at the albums artwork, I was quite impressed with the bands decision to design the metal chest with brass knuckles, even though it may seem plain to some it really makes an impact and heavy METAL statement. Below I have conducted a track by track review for you all to check out. Its time to create some PAIN!

“Welcome To The Show”: Killer opening track to the debut album. I don't think the band could have ever opened with anything else! Welcome to the show sets the wheels in motion for what is nothing short of an Australian metal masterpiece. I loved this track; the opening riff reminds me of the Aerosmith classic Toys in the attic, just more modern and heavier. Jordan's voice is amazing but for me the stand out performance on welcome to the show goes to the guitarist from hell Stu. The lead breaks Stu rips out are insane and will leave a lasting impression!

“Evilize”: This has always been one of my favorite tracks and is set to be the first single released from the debut album. If there was ever any doubt on where Paindivision were from, Evilize will certainly clear that all up! This is Aussie hard rock at it's very best! If you're a fan of bands such as Ac/dc, heaven and rose tattoo than no doubt you are going to love this song. Lyrically this is one of the best tracks on the album for me, with lines like "I have a faithless wife, I have a sharpened knife" you see right away that the guys have spent plenty of time penning these tracks. The bridge and chorus are no doubt made for worldwide commercial radio, no doubt you will be hooked and singing along after the first listen! I have been fortunate enough to hear this song in varied stages, different lyrics, rough mixes etc and I love the final product. For me this is the one song that really showcases each and every member of Paindivision. The rhythm section is killer and you won't be able to help move your foot & bang your head, I love the riff Stu has come up with on Evilize and no doubt you will too, Jordan never ceases to amaze me, he's opening scream is disturbing as it is awesome! This is the one song on the album where I can really hear the amazing work Ray is doing on keys also! In all probably my favorite track on the album.

“Unchain Me”: Wow what an introduction; that will scare the shit out of anyone sleeping when played at full volume, this is another killer track. Another killer track lyrically, just like Evilize you will find yourself singing along to the melodies. Stu's guitar work in this track is totally amazing. When I listen to this track I can't help think of great bands such as Van Halen and accept. This is a killer track that I have no doubt you will all be headbanging away to!

“Everyman”: With every track this album just seems to get better and better. From word go you will be in a state of heavy metal heaven! 'Everyman' has all the ingredients of the perfect metal song. From the very first time I played this track, I was hooked, you can't help move to this track. I'm a huge fan of the ending of Everyman, the overload of screaming guitar and thumping drums works perfectly. Can't say enough good things about this track.

“Anything We Want”: After listening to four heavy, intense and upbeat tracks 'Anything we Want' made for a fantastic change of pace. The ballad on the album showcases just how diverse Paindivision are. From the moment I heard this song I feel in love with it. I loved the lyrics and the melody is amazing. It's great to hear a softer side to Jordan's voice showcased on the album also. Every time I hear this song, I picture it being used in a million and one motion pictures, this could be the perfect ballad and is defiantly the best ballad I have heard in the last five - ten years.

“Devil Preacher”: Every time I hear this song I can't help think of the big Bon Jovi 'Lay Your Hands On Me' intro. Of all the tracks on the album this would probably be my least favorite although I really enjoy the main guitar riff not much else interests me with this track.

“Indian Sun”: What an amazing track, I loved the chanting Indian introduction with guitar overlays. This is a fantastic song. Musically 'Indian Sun' is one of the tracks that will have you throwing your fists in the air, headbanging and playing air guitar like a maniac. 'Indian Sun' is another song that has a very catchy chorus which you will find yourself singing along to before the song ends.

“Faces Of Death”: Another killer track, Jordan is vocally mind blowing in 'Faces of Death'. I'm a huge fan of this one musically. Tracks like this just showcase the power and abilities that Paindivision have, and its clear that these guys are after world domination. Faces of Death is a killer track that headbanger's around the world will love!

“Northam Grove”: I have always been in two minds with this track. Just like 'Anything We Want' 'Northam Grove' makes for a great change of pace. From the moment I heard this instrumental I fell in love with it. I have never been a massive fan of instrumentals but 'Northam Grove' is one that I did gravitate towards. I'm just not too sure if it's the right track for this album. Nevertheless it is a fantastic piece of music, I hope other metal heads don't just skip past this one and can appreciate it as well.

“Ace Of Spades”: Oh my god! What can you say about this? Shayne's bass sounds killer, Stu's playing is nothings short of brutal, Jordan yes I'm gonna say it sounds better than the godfather Lemmy himself. I've always been a huge fan of this Motorhead classic. Stu does this solo justice and to be honest I expected nothing less. This is the best way the guys could have ended this album, such a killer classic track! I have to say I'm a bigger fan of Paindivision's version of Ace of Spades over Motorhead's. No doubt you will have the volume turned all the way up as you thrash out to this one!

After having this album for a few weeks now I haven't been able to stop playing it. There is no doubt that once 'Paindivision' is released to the hard rock and heavy metal fans of Australia and beyond it will become a very popular debut album. The album has been mixed very well and the overall production sounds amazing.

Tracks such as 'Devil Preacher', 'Evilize', 'Anything We Want', and 'Welcome to the Show' all have the potential to become commercial radio successes if stations get behind Paindivision and help promote this killer Australian band to the rest of the world.

Anyone who had attended Paindivision's live sets opening for Black Label Society and or Sebastian Bach will already be familiar with most of these songs and once you hear this album you won't be able to get enough of them! It is really hard for me to recommend just a couple of stand out tracks as I'm a huge fan of most tracks on the album.

All I can say is that if you are a fan of hard rock or straight up metal music then you will no doubt be a huge fan of Paindivision. Paindivision have made the perfect debut album to introduce the band to the world. You would be crazy not to get your hands on a copy of the album when it's released!



Reviewed By: Cameron Edney