Pandemia - Spreading The Message (Lost Disciple Records) - Back
Pandemia is from the Czech Republic, and they bring their eastern European talent to the United States to have their music put out through Lost Disciple Records. These guys have broken death metal down to two things: brutality and speed. They posses the same talents as the death metal bands that have preceded them. Pandemia has the classic death metal sound. Anywhere from Monstrosity to Cancer and Incantation to Sinister. If you combine those bands you basically have formed Pandemia. There are thirteen tracks of terror on this thirty minute CD. There are three intro tracks to songs, and one outro song. The three intro tracks were setup different then I have scene before. There are intro tracks on tracks one, five and nine, which lead up to the songs pretty nicely. The intro on track nine is awesome, very eerie. It also leads up to my favorite song on the CD and also the title track, "Spreading The Message." My other favorite tracks on this CD include "Stiffness" and "The Tones Are Weaker." Even though this CD didn't catch my attention like others, this is some good death metal, and all you death metal fans out there should check this band out.

Rating: 73