Pandemonic - The Art of Hunting (Independent) - Back
Pandemonic is a currently unsigned 3-piece (on this release) from Sweden. This relative newcomer bringeth "The Art of Hunting" to our fairly untamed ears. These Swedes perform aggressive thrash metal in the vein of Celtic Frost, Kreator & Flotsam and Jetsam!! Very choppy and technical thrash-riffing with pretty basic percussion laid down throughout this demo. As well are some of the best Kreator-like vocals next to Kreator with a lot of screaming as well (not metalcore screaming, though - most of that's just yelling garbage). I'd be hard-pressed to imagine these guys not being signed very soon... on the contrary. Pandemonic have the ability to be picked up by someone like Century Media or Nuclear Blast! The music they deliver doesn't really spark me as super-addictive or even overly interesting, but I do like it. A lot of people into the 80's-thrash material will probably be able to recognize where Pandemonics' influences are. I'd like to see these guys play a metalfest in the states. That would determine moreso, how thrash these Swedes really are... but they are nevertheless - check 'em out.

Rating: 76

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell