Panther - A Tribute To Pantera (Eclipse Records) - Back
Doing a cover of a song is one way to show your roots, and who you thank for being an accomplished band. Panther - A Tribute To Pantera, takes both accomplished bands, and some lesser known bands and puts them together on this compilation. Bands like Pissing Razors, Boiler, The Step Kings, Murder 1, and A.C. all do a Pantera cover on this CD. It seemed weird to me that all of the songs, had similar production quaility. Usually the established bands will have a better sound, but in this case, they were all about the same. It's a good production, but it could be a tad better. My favorite songs on this CD are Pissing Razors - "Domination," Murder 1 - "I'm Broken," ILL Nino - "Five Minutes Alone," and Crush Efekt - "My Third Arm." All the other songs have their moments, but those are just the ones that stood out for me. There are twelve tracks on this CD and it nears fifty minutes. Despite what anyone thinks, I think that any Pantera fan would enjoy this compilation. There are a variety of metal styles on this CD that will give your average metal fan something different to enjoy. Now if this had a crystal clean production then this would have been an amazing compilation. But none of these bands have the money like Metallica, so this is worth looking into.

Rating: 75