Paradise Lost - In Requiem (Century Media Records) - Back
Whatever experimentation these guys have been throwing out there for the last 10 years or so is evidently... gone. The legendary Paradise Lost are back to form! That's not to say everything they performed between “Draconian Times” and the self-titled were bad, but the material was certainly not too reminiscent of their previous albums. Matter of fact, this album may be their heaviest to date. "In Requiem" is an appropriate follow-up to "Paradise Lost" and perhaps, an equally appropriate follow-up to something like- "Icon"? The new album has 11 tracks (13 to 14 depending on which digipak version) with a playing time of around 45 minutes. "Never for the Damned", the album’s first track, is probably the perfect beginning for this album. It features lots of Draconian-era piano, guitar melodies, some double kicks, and an altogether mid-pace that older fans can appreciate. Let's not get caught up in "old" material though, because there is a lot of stuff Paradise Lost have yet to present and do so very well. More so in a way that doesn't flaw their trademark sound. Basically, “In Requiem” is the freshest and most sophisticated sounding Paradise Lost album since “Draconian Times.” So believe what you will, but you can definitely believe in a fantastic album when you hear one!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell