Perversity - In the Garment of Lust (Perennial Quest Records) - Back
With the Eastern portion of Europe spewing forth death metal out of the eyeballs within the past decade or so, yet another supreme being emerges. Hailing from the ashes of Slovakia, this quintet known as Perversity has actually been floating about since 1995. Funny that "In the Garment of Lust" is their first actual full-length release. It just goes to show you that it isn't easy this day and age to get a deal right off the bat. "In the Garment of Lust" boasts forth an honest blend of aggressively grinding death metal, much in the vein of bands like Incantation and Pestilence (at least in my opinion). There are a few tracks that I noticed the presence of keyboards, which I think is a much overused commodity these days. This commodity however, is not commonly used as much in the death metal genre and when needed, I think the atmosphere fits in nicely when applied correctly. Since this one is Perversity's first album, there is obviously room to improve. However, there is much promise here and we will see greater things down the road I'm sure. With better production and an already somewhat established identity further established, I believe there should be some well-deserved worldwide recognition. Perversity is on the right track... check 'em out!

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell