Pessimist - Slaughtering the Faithful (Lost Disciple Records) - Back
"Slaughtering the Faithful" is the latest death metal album by the band Pessimist. The band is starting to emerge as one of the more popular death metal bands. With their furious guitar playing and brutal drumming they have the experience to produce an amazing album. I think they let themselves down with the album. I expected so much more for this album. There potential is some much higher. The album is thought out pretty well, but they could have made this disk so much more dynamic. Overall production of this violence filled album has captured every essence of the band and was produced by Eric Rutan guitarist in Hate Eternal and formerly Morbid Angel. Of the thirty-five minutes plus there were a couple songs that I enjoyed. They include the title track "Slaughtering the Faithful" and my favorite song "Resurrected Torment." The disk is not a bad album, just not anything different then other bands in the morbid category.

Rating: 68