Pete Wilkinson's - Unleashed Fury (Independent) - Back
Well to start off I want to say that Pete Wilkinson knows how to play guitar, that's a fact. But the production on this CD is, well, horrible. Sometimes you can't even make out what he is playing it sounds so bad. The production on the CD even makes it to a point where you can't listen to it, because it drives you nuts. Of what I did hear on this CD, it does seem that Pete deserves a much better recording job then what is on "Unleashed Fury." If he could get the help of a label that handles shredding guitarist, like Shrapnel Records, then I'm sure I could give this a good review. But as it stands I don't think that anyone would be interested in buying an album that sounds like you're listening to it through a cell phone with bad reception. I'm not gonna say any more about this album, I'm just sorry it wasn't produced like it should. This could have been a good review.

Rating: 35