Phlegethon Animae - Chaos From Abyss Within (Independent) - Back
These guys seem quite interesting. Usually I am very tough and rather unfavorable towards demo releases because they just don't have the right feel that a properly produced record would have. This, however, gives Phlegethon Animae a proper introduction into the metal universe. In description, they are sometimes death metal and other times more atmospheric. There are no clean vocals to speak of and every track has quite a technical perspective. Pretty good for merely a demo release. There are 4 very good musicians whom have chosen to show off their talents on this second demo of theirs. Without any vocals, one may be inclined to pin this a power metal offering. I was quite happy to find that they were not. Although power-styled vocals are very talented and unique, the style just bores the shit outta me. Some bands are an exception! Anyways- I thought of a few bands like Sadus, Cynic & Nocturnus that show this band some justice and paint a bigger picture of what they sound like. By the way, this demo actually has 7 tracks and almost reaches a half-hour of aggressive & technical black/death metal. The closing track is a very pretty avantgarde / acoustic piece. Similar to Anathema's "Eternity" release. Very few flaws to speak of on this demo except that it is a demo and not a quoted "full-length". Atmospheric, technical & aggressive with Maiden elements as well! Definitely worth a listen.... check out their web-site!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell