Phobia - Serenity Through Pain (Deathvomit Records) - Back
Death and Grindcore runs through the veins of Shane, Steve, Bruce, and Matt; better known as Phobia. Their latest release "Serenity Through Pain," has twenty-three songs that last forty-five minutes plus, which is quite long for some grindcore oriented bands. The majority of the songs are decent and typical death/grindcore. A few good riffs are scattered throughout the disk, and songs like "Poison My Mind," " Slave to Religion," "Mercy Killing," and "Closure" showcase the better tracks on the disk. "B.U.S.H." is my favorite track, and it will probably grab your attention too. Besides the previous mentioned songs their isn't much else to comment about this album. Phobia has created nothing special, but does have the basis to make what they have better. Hopefully they can kick it up a little and make a death/grindcore album that everyone can remember.

Rating: 69