Phoenix Reign - Demo 2005 (Independent) - Back
Phoenix Reign is a rock n roll band straight out of Astoria, NY. Showcased here are acoustic and duel-guitar rhythms with upbeat tempos. The packaging was a bit different than "most" as it was enclosed in a DVD case. Anyways, there are still only 3 tracks. This demo basically showcases the band’s will to get their name out there, but does show some promise in a technical aspect. They are a 5-piece whom consists of 2 guitar players, a bassist, drummer and female vocalist. One would think about Phoenix Reign as sounding like a band like Nightwish or Lacuna Coil, but they in fact... sound like a heavy metal band with rock n roll attitude. The production isn't that good, but it doesn't really take away from the band’s potential. Another flaw is the tone of Theresa's voice. Her vocals are, at times, noticeably out of tune. A good idea for the future would be to overdub them a few times for improved depth. An interesting demo, but I can probably make a better judgment from a full-length down the road...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell