Pipebomb - How 'Bout Now? (Independent) - Back
A short couple years ago the band Pipebomb formed in Poughkeepsie, New York to create music that was heavy and pummeling. "How 'Bout Now?" is the band's first full-length CD and it hits pretty heavy throughout. The ten songs on this disk all have some good riffs combined with some empowering vocals that get your head bobbing. My favorite songs on this disk is "Dead" and "Knock" is pretty good as well. Their sound is written is such a way it should interest both metal and hardcore fans. Pipebomb has played shows with Propain and E-town Concrete, and I'm sure their future will include shows with more and bigger bands. In the short time they have been around they have recorded a demo and a full-length, hopefully their motivation to be the hardest working musicians in metal, pays off. They might have been around only a little while, but at least they are true to their metal roots.

Rating: 80