Pipe Bomb - Half Price Beatin' (Independent) - Back
First off, I would like to say, why in the hell haven't Pipe Bomb been signed already? This band has the heavy metal groove sound, that just gets your whole body moving. They are similar to a cross between Corrosion Of Conformity, Life Of Agony, Sevendust and also a touch of hard rock. The songs that Pipe Bomb has written are filled with energy, and they all have some mosh pit, ass kicking riffs. All the tracks on this five track eighteen minute CD are good; there isn't a bad song. My favorite songs on this CD are pretty much all of them. But, if I had to pick a song I'd pick the first song "Dead." My second favorite songs is probably "Neighbor." There isn't much more to say about this band Pipe Bomb, except go check these guys out on there webpage at http://nypipebomb.com. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 90