Pitbulls In the Nursery - Impact (Independent) - Back
A heavy, aggressive, deathcore band, Pitbulls In the Nursery’s first demo is called “Impact.” Influenced by Pantera and Sepultura these guys know how to get things moving. Their music is a mix of death metal, thrash and hardcore. Certain parts remind me a little of Cynic technicality wise as well as Morbid Angel, but more groove driven. Death vocals are at the helm of this CD and powerful, heavy, death metal riffs, and complex thrashy riffs surround it. “Impact” is a great disc all the way through. All of the songs are good and the title track, “Impact,” is my favorite, but “Monkey’s Masturbation” and “Strong” are worthy of being mentioned. This heavy groove driven album last for over twelve minutes and has three well thought out tracks. Whatever record label picks up this band, will be very happy, I know my head was nodding from the start of this disc to the end. “Impact” speaks for itself.

Rating: 89