Plank 63 - Plank 63 (Flabbin Records) - Back
A short couple years after the formation of Plank 63, the band releases their first CD "Plank 63." Their sound reminds me of a cross between Tool and Stone Temple Pilots with a Life of Agony feeling. So they have the sound of the popular bands, with a little bit of a metal edge and groove. But they are not really anything special or ear catching. Like many bands they have their moments, and they do sound good together, but after a while their music got a little boring to me because it didn't have the energy that I expected. There are probably a bunch of people that would like this disk. Its similar to much of the music that is getting played on modern rock stations these days. They have created something that is powerful, melodic, and has a catchy sound. But, they are another decent band in a time that every decent band get a shot, but by this time it might be a little to late. Of the seven songs and nearly thirty minutes of music, the songs "Fly," "Distrust," and "W.O.S." show the most potential for the band. There are a select few excellent riffs found thoughout the album as well. I will have to hear some more music by Plank 63 before I can decide if I like this band or not.

Rating: 72