Plutonium - Wind Of Change (Independent) - Back
Plutonium is a band that doesn’t like to put a label on their music. Mostly it’s comprised of black and death metal, but elements of industrial and a few others can also be heard. “Wind Of Change” is the bands first demo and four tracks and eighteen minutes later I want to hear just a couple more songs. The disc kind of sounds like a cross between Burzum and old Emperor, conveniently they dedicated this recording to Quarthon. I love the black metal leads on the second track, along with the speed and shredding riffs. Plutonium’s music has a certain aura and the riffs possess an evil presence and power. The vocals are grand black metal screams with passion. But there is something about synthetic drums and black metal oriented music that has never appealed to me. I guess the drum machine can get on the annoying side, while the musicianship is inspiring. I know this is a demo and using less production is a technique to use when you want that “Old School Black Metal” sound, but if they had good production, this could be much better.

Rating: 67