Porcelain Roach - Antidote (Independent) - Back
In early 1998 a band named Porcelain Roach formed in the coastal areas of Southern England. Their main influences include Soundgarden, Tool and Pearl Jam. Personally I think their sound is a cross of Helmet and Tool, with maybe a touch of Anathema and Weezer. Live the band is extremely tight, using complex song structures with off time signatures, give the band a pretty distinct sound. Porcelain Roach has created a sound to go against the Nu-Metal sound, still keeping it with some heaviness without copying the current trend. The three song demo, "Antidote," was written well, and the songs "Antonia" and "Shimmerman" are my favorite songs of the CD. The band's average age is around twenty-one years old, so they have a long future ahead together to play more shows with bands like Clutch and Lost Prophet. Porcelain Roach has recently been offered a record contract, but are waiting for the right one.

Rating: 79