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Potential Threat SF, self-titled, five song CD with a late eighties/early ninties thrash approach will remind you of bands like Testament, Metallica, Corrosion of Conformity, Machine Head and Anthrax. Thrash is all over this disc. Overall the CD isn’t too bad. I just hear a bunch of little things they could improve on. Some parts are good but when mixed with static riffs that change the pace of the song at the wrong time, it lessens the effectiveness of their songs. There are a few parts that were a little hard to listen to and consist of riffs that astray from the other band members. They know how to do a lot of the right things, just not necessarily in the right order. Also, the band’s cohesion stops; it isn’t that noticeable of a problem, it caught me by surprise a couple times. Parts of the songs sound like they have some great music ahead, but the song structure does lack during the stagnant riffs. I like the vocals; they are a hybrid of John Bush, James Hetfield and Pepper Keenan. The song showing most potential is “Endless fall From Grace.” It shows all their potential on one track. Production for this CD is a little bit on the raw side, but it works for this band, it adds to the heaviness. Its not that bad of a production, similar to Metallica “And Justice For All,” just not like many bands today that use a fine tooth and comb to make it perfect. All these technical problems are fixable. I like their sound…they just need to keep writing.

Rating: 69