Potential Threat SF - 2.0 EP (Independent) - Back
Having been around in the Bay Area thrash & hardcore scene for many years, but normally an exclusive independent act with several demos, Potential Threat S.F. (San Fran.) should be an expected metal assault. However, without albums, it is difficult to find their material. Anyways, 2.0 is a 4-song, 15 minute EP with strong thrash metal accents strung together with hardcore groove. Their songs sound very strong and tight, not to mention very heavy. They really remind me of Forbidden or Flotsam and Jetsam with a bit less technicality, but more groove. The only downer about Potential Threat SF, is that they need to record more songs for a full-length because I really can't get a full grasp on them without hearing more than 4 songs (I mean, if their songs were Opeth length - fine). Granted, this is some very good metal material! They just need to deliver a longer output next time. Definitely check 'em out!

Rating: 71

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell