Prejudice - Dominion of Chaos (Hardebaran/Two Fat Men) - Back
Brutality is an ingredient often overlooked in death metal just because of the fact it has always been a main structure of the style. Well.... this isn't a whole lot different with this Belgium quintet known as Prejudice. With the release of their 3rd disc, Dominion of Chaos, they have re-established their confinements to the chains of brutal extremity. Dominion of Chaos is an 8 song, just over 30 minute death metal bloodshower! Prejudice have essentially crossed Sinister aggression with early-Meshuggah breaks and Suffocation technicality. If those aren't impressive ingredients for the death metal community, I suggest you just crank and listen. Although admittedly, there are a good many bands that sound spectacular in the similar vein as these guys. You cannot just simply let this mother-scheister pass on by without at least a wince. Interesting hooks throughout and technically brutal! What else should a death metal fan ask for?

Rating: 84

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell