Primal Fear - Seven Seals (Nuclear Blast) - Back
The German metallers Primal Fear should be know by all metalheads in this day and age. However if you do find yourself a little unfamiliar with Primal Fear you can say they take elements from Mat and Ralf’s previous work. Mat Sinner (Sinner) and Ralf Scheepers (Gamma Ray) founded this band. They released their debut self-titled disc in 1998. Now seven years later Primal Fear releases their 6th studio album “Seven Seals.” This is ten tracks filled with pumping melodic riffs and abrasive heavy riffs, and as always they show their fine use of contrast. Vocally the songs are a little different, Ralf shows a different vocal range, but still effective. He can hit the high notes when he wants to. As impressive as the music is, the process of putting this disc together is also stellar. The album was recorded at House of Music in Germany with Charlie Bauerfiend. You might know him from his work with Blind Guardian and Hammerfall. To top that off, Mike Frasier mixed it at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada. Metallica, AC/DC, and Aerosmith are all part of his previous repertoire. Lastly, the production was done by the duo of Mat Sinner and Charlie Bauerfiend. Well there you have it…another quality album from Primal Fear!

Rating: 84