Profanity - Slaughtering Thoughts (Cudgel Agency) - Back
"Slaughtering Thoughts" is Profanity's second album, and I think they improved as all bands should. The band seems tighter now, and more furious! These three German death metalers definitely have this type of music in their blood. With a sound somewhere between Suffocation, Monstrosity and Cannibal Corpse, you are assured to get into this album. It was put together well and with songs like "The Springs Within" and "When Colour Becomes Pallor" these guys seem to have a pretty promising future. When "The Springs Within" starts, you get trampled with a barrage of blast beats and speed riffing guitar, definitely something that could wake up anyone. Some other songs on this nine song and nearly forty minute CD, that I thought were pretty good include "During The Hours Of Darkness," "Drowned In Dusk," and "Giants Of The Void Vortex." This album was good, if they could get an album wrote similar to the songs "The Springs Within" and "When Colour Becomes Pallor" they will be assured of an amazing album. Check these guys out, you may find something you like.

Rating: 81