Project: Failing Flesh - A Beautiful Sickness (Independent) - Back
Whew!!!! This one will knock the crap outta your ass hole!! I know, because I nearly/did shit myself. <I feel better now> Project: Failing Flesh is a fresh start for famed member Eric Forrest (Voivod, E-Force) and co-founders Kevin 131 and Tim Gutierrez. Imagine Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, and Voivod all at the top of their game with something thrown in a little meaner! There is technicality, atmosphere, sophistication, balls, and oddly for this day and age... originality!! Granted, there are parts of their music reminiscent of other bands and so-on, so-forth. P:FF present some very fresh twists within their songs. One I like a lot is "Scene of a Crime" which starts out similar to Fear Factory, works it way towards a classic-Meshuggah style riff, then gets melodic and atmospheric.... and back again. This is to be expected on just about every track. At times, you could almost swear to hear some black metal. So you see- P:FF pretty much cover anything and everything in the main metal genre without submitting to any one style of play. If ever there is a chance you, the reader, will trust me – find this damn CD and play the hell out of it!!!

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell