Project: Failing Flesh - The Conjoined (Burning Star Records) - Back
This stuff is certainly some of the freshest and pulverizingly intense music in the metal world of late! Project: Failing Flesh can be described as thrash, death, speed or whatever. However, I would recommend a parallel somewhere between bizarre and outstanding. This is the three-piece’s 2nd release and follows suit nicely with their predecessor, “A Beautiful Sickness.” At the same time, however, “The Conjoined” is much more difficult to describe and also remains extremely catchy. The title track is the best example. The drums, percussion and bass pretty much hit note-for-note from a crushingly heavy standpoint and also delve into tribal and noise within seconds of each other. In the same track, Eric Forrest’s vocals range from his usual Voivod style scream to a Fear Factory clean to a guttural growl at times. Then you have horns, keys and guitars all running ape shit all over the place. The album as a whole is one huge wall of sonic brutality in one way or another. I can't say enough good things about this to compensate for the music. Matter of fact, the only setbacks are...well, nothing! It's all a matter of taste in styles. I just can't imagine no one giving this a try, though. Project: Failing Flesh is one of the best new bands in metal!! Check this out!!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell