Pro-Pain - Prophets Of Doom (Candlelight) - Back
How can a band stay so catchy over ten studio albums? Don’t ask me…check this one out for yourself! This is a very pissed-off album! Some of the riffs are simple, but crushingly heavy and powerful. I mean a bludgeoning heavy! Pro-Pain make you want to punch the closest person to you, please no babies!! “Prophets of Doom” is to some extent themed on what the American government is doing and the bands disappointment with it. These ten tracks stretch over forty-three minutes. It’s as violent and aggressive as they always have been. Their motor, chugging type riffs are back, as are their awesome New York metal/hardcore breakdowns. One of the more contrasting songs on this disc is “Hate Marches On.” It has a little acoustic guitar, a few death metal screams, a main riff that is catchy as the riff from Black Sabbath’s song “Children Of The Grave,” and you can’t forget that great attitude! Grand riffs decorate this CD, like the blood on a wall after someone blows off their head. That might sound extreme, but you probably understand my point now.

Rating: 88