Pro-Pain - Age Of Tyranny: The Tenth Crusade (Candlelight Records) - Back
Whenever a band gets to their tenth album it’s far from a mistake. Pro-Pain has been pumping out first-rate music for fifteen years now. And now with their tenth studio effort, they have reached legendary status in my opinion. “Age Of Tyranny: The Tenth Crusade” is almost forty minutes in length and comprised of eleven tracks of loud blasting New York Hardcore with a thrashy attitude. There are tons of catchy riffs, enjoyable solos, and politically laced lyrics. Track four, “Beyond the Pale” is and awesome tune with great riffage. It even has an acoustic part that basically leads into the solo for the song, and also features melodic singing vocals from guest vocalist Matt Bizilia of Icarus Witch. “Heads Will Roll” is another good one and it’s a pissed off track that Pro-Pain has been famous for. A host of other tracks are praiseworthy as well, but no need to name just about every track. Pro-Pain has does it again, keep it up gentlemen!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins