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Noted and self-proclaimed "unstable grind core", the Italian 3-piece known as Psychofagist are quite the crack-addicts! I mean, these guys are unstable. They are probably the most nonchalant grind core band on the planet right next to or maybe even in front of Cephalic Carnage. Psychofagists' music is extremely technical, aggressive, jazzy and all-out chaotic. Fused together within their ranks are crosses between death, grind, and psychotic sludge. This, of course, creates a very senile environment. Whence the tracks "Come Cieco", "High Minded Martyrs", "21st Century SchizoidGod", hell.... every track takes on a mind of it's own (literally!). I have no clue how these guys rehearse, they are sick! Shitty for a human being, good for medicinal purposes, and great for metal. Psychofagist are almost too chaotic to understand in a musical sense, but are interesting for those of you into Cephalic Carnage, Benumb, Cryptopsy, Gorguts, and Macabre.

Rating: 74

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell