Psychotron - Open The Gate (Independent) - Back
Psychotron’s second CD “Open The Gate” is over fifty-five minutes of German power/thrash metal that will get your energy going. These ten tracks have excellent musicianship with catchy riffs and nice leads. Psychotron use a very thrashy guitar sound and it benefits the band all around. But, I think the vocals are the weak link. They are similar to King Diamond vocals when he tries to sing. Sometimes they seem second rate to the music but can still be really good at times. The harsher singing vocals sound better. Reminiscent of Chuck Billy, they have feeling and don’t seem to be stressing his vocal chords as much while he’s hitting the notes. Also, some of the vocals can ruin the flow of the songs. When there are two vocals, they don’t work together and they can get quite annoying. The singing needs to be in harmony, not conflict with each other. I don’t usually concentrate on the vocals like this, but it grabbed my attention so much I had to say something. Musically this band is a lot like Testament, Witchery or Mercyful Fate and maybe Manowar. If your fans of thrash or power metal, Psychotron might be right up your alley.

Rating: 68