Pull - Ahead (Independent) - Back
When I first popped in this disk I heard a lot of electronic sounds with some metal sounds. After that intro it pretty much changes to a thrash sound much like Corrosion Of Conformity or Life Of Agony. That's pretty much the best way to describe them. Don't let the electronic effect confuse this band for you with bands like Limp Bizkit. Pull is much more metal then any of that crap. Though they do seem to have a little bit of an industrial influence. "Ahead" has quite a few catchy riffs in it enough to get your blood pumping and your head moving. "Dr. Death" and "Brain Damage" are good examples of this music. Those songs also remind me of some of the great thrash bands. A couple more pretty heavy and catchy songs are "Bind" and "Last Breath." These songs are pretty much straight to the point. Pretty much every other song has at least one good catchy riff, so this whole album is at least decent. The eight songs on this disk last for over forty minutes, so you can be sure that this disk is not cheapened by two minute songs. Fans of COC and thrash metal similar to them should find a good part of this CD to their liking. So get off your ass and check out Pull.

Rating: 79