Purge - Purge (Independent) - Back
Purge, a Christian metal band from Kenner, Louisiana puts forth what I believe is their first album, which is self-titled. I know some of you people out there think that, "Oh great, another crappy religious band." This is not true. They have some really catchy riffs throughout the CD. But the lyrics get boring after a while as much as those satanic bands that all they talking about is how they hate god. The music is composed pretty well, if it had a little better production it might be really good, it's a little sloppy. There are 37 minute of metal on this CD with 10 tracks. Their sound is like an Alice In Chains crossed with a straight ahead metal band. Sometimes the vocals sounds almost exactly like Layne Staley. There really weren't any songs that jumped out at me, but all songs have their strong points. Im sure Purge will have another CD out in the future, if they have a little bit better of a direction, I wouldn't be surprised if some record label picks them up. But for now they are put on my back burner.

Rating: 69