PX-Pain - Denying The Consequences (808 Records) - Back
PX-Pain is a hard-hitting metalcore from Zurich, Switzerland. They have a similar style as Slipknot, but these guys are more consistent. Elements of Fear Factory and Soulfly might have also found their way into their tracks as well. There are a lot of radio quality tracks on “Denying The Consequences,” but the naughty words might keep it off the air. Most metal doesn’t belong on the radio anyhow. The ferocious vocals along with most riffs will rip your face off! Vocally they are almost like Max Cavalera and the riffs are heavy and full of energy. If you want brutal and catchy metal this is what you want! It will make you headbang until your head falls off!! Just about everything they do is strong. These eleven tracks plus Bonus Video “Demon Inside,” which was recorded live at the Ministry of Rock Festival, will give you chills. Any record label would be smart to pick up PX-Pain before it’s too late…they won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 85