Rage - Unity (SPV) - Back
“Unity” is the first time I have heard Rage, and I’m glad I did. This is also the bands first time on SPV in their twenty-year history. I’m sure both the band and the label will prosper from this deal. The members of this band have obviously been in music for a while, they know how to write extremely well. Everything from the drum blasts to the power driven riffs and awesome solos to the very catchy choruses get you into their music. Their sound is like a cross between Dream Theater, Blind Guardian and Nevermore. It was hard to pick my favorite songs because all of their songs have their strong points. A few good ones include “All I Want,” “Insanity,” “You Want It, You’ll Get It,” and the instrumental and title track “Unity.” My favorite track is a toss up between “Dies Irae” and Living My Dream,” they both kick ass. There isn’t much more to say about this album except for you to check it out. After hearing this album, I want to check out the bands’ other albums.

Rating: 93