Rainbow Six: Lockdown - Soundtrack (Calvin Records/3volution Productions) - Back
I’ve always loved it when one of my favorite video games came with an awesome soundtrack. On the Rainbow Six: Lockdown Soundtrack there is a first-class selection of metal bands contributing to the release. A couple bands have multiple tracks, but most just have one. Killing Zone, Fear Factory, Kush, Not Forgotten, Last Amanda, Bill Brown, Soilwork, Trivium, Mnemic, Bury Your Dead, Strapping Young Lad, 36 Crazyfists, Chimaira, and DevilDriver compose the sixteen tracks. A handful of them have been previously released on an album, like Soilwork’s “Stabbing The Drama”, Chimaira’s “Eyes of a Criminal” and “Strapping Young Lad’s “Love?” Besides that there are some industrialized tracks and a few weaker tunes. I guess you could say some tracks are a little disappointing when you look at it from a metal perspective. As a bonus, this soundtrack includes a DVD with four music videos, live interviews with Raymond Herrera, a virtual comic, e-coupon and a game trailer. Face it, Metal is great to pump you up for video games, this should work fine for that. But listening to some of these tracks as a CD I know I would skip over a few. Some are just not metal enough or just not my style.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins